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Protecting Your Eyes

tennis largeDid you know…

  • Nearly half of traumatic eye injuries relate to ball sports
  • 45% of these occur in children under the age of 14
  • 90% of these are preventable

Polycarbonate is a lens material that is widely used for shatter-and-impact resistant lenses, and when combined with sturdy frame materials, makes for formidable eye protection.

There are hazards of sunlight and bright light that are harder to understand; namely, ultraviolet rays (UV) and Glare (extreme brightness). Protecting your eyes from these distracting, even dangerous elements is equally important to eye protection.

Computers, tablets, smartphones and a plethora of electronic devices are becoming more and more integral components of our day to day lives.  With this changing world, there is growing concern that the Blue Light that emanates from these machines is having a negative effect on the health of our eyes.